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Nakhon Nayok6 Hello everyone AFT newbie just joined the house


Nakhon Nayok6 Hello everyone AFT newbie just joined the house


Hello everyone AFT newbie just joined the house

Hi all.. I was referred here by an AF bro.. I just joined the forum few minutes ago so please pardon me for any mistakes till i get use to the system here.. I have a 4x2.5x2.5 cabinet tank with 3ft sump tank.. 1 14inch rtg, 1 9inch mono pb, 1 5inch peru pb, 2 ITs (6 5inch), 5 bichirs ( 12inch endi, 10inch very fat ornate, 7inch lapradei and normal senegal and 5 inch semi-short longfin senegal and not forgetting my 9inch fei feng and 7inch black ghostknife.. actually there are still more smaller fishes in my iso tank waiting for them to grow big and strong before i could release them to join the rest.. 8 CLs, 2 orinos and 1 AT.. yep its abit overcrowding.. but i love them all.. cant have the heart to sell or release them.. and have this poison very deep deep inside me to keep buying fishes.. hehehe.. so bo pian must fight it.. tank overcrowding already..
so hope to make more frenz and gain more knowledge and improve on what i have.. thank you! sorry for the long intro.. hehehe...
welcome abdul_manaf we are very glad to have you here! You have found the right place for the things you are seeking.
>Hi abdul_manaf,
Welcome to AFT.
Hope you can share with us your fish keeping experiences and photos.
Do relax and enjoy your stay here.
>I like to thank moderator neosh for inviting me to join this forum
Looking to learn more about fish keeping through this knowledgeable forum
>Hi poceilia,
Thanks for joining AFT and welcome you to share with us your fish keeping experiences.
Lets contribute to the knowledge building of this forum and make it attractive and benefitial to all hobbyists.
>Nice to see u here...make urself feel at home...better still make AFT ur home in cyberspace....
>Thank you all for the nice and warm welcome.. Pahang Aquarium

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